My Fastbrake 11" Rotor upgrade

Discussion in 'DIY Forum' started by remoer, Apr 4, 2011.

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    Saved to sellers. THANKS!
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    if you have anything to add please do add it's easier to alot of info on one thread then searching all around for it. so post.
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    Some people are sensitive to thread-jacking so I usually try not to do it. It also upsets my sense of organization to go too far off topic. :confused: But I appreciate the reassurance. :)

    I'm not finished with it yet but with the test fitting I've done I can tell that the caliper offset on the 2g Prelude knuckles is different. To use the Corrado rotors with Integra calipers I've had to space the calipers 7.5mm off the stock tabs and move the caliper out radially 23mm. My adapter bracket design looks essentially the same as the Fastbrakes one but with different dimensions. I wasn't expecting so much offset, but it is what it is.

    It's pretty much off topic for this thread, but for the back what I've had to do is make an adapter sleeve to allow a 2g/3g Integra hub to bolt on in place of the Prelude's integrated hub/brake rotor. I originally did this not because I was trying to upgrade the brakes, but because a fellow 2g 'lude driver was blowing up rear hubs during his races. We determined that the casting quality of the only available hub/rotor replacements was just not up to the strain of racing. So I designed an adapter to allow him to use Integra hubs and rotors. The nice thing about this is that the rotors can be replaced without having to mess with the bearings, and parts availability is far better than what we get with the 2g 'lude stock parts. And then of course it opens the door for different rotors to be fitted, like for example the 260mm Civic rotors. But then with bigger rotors and calipers the mounting is different, so I have another adapter plate to fit 4g Accord calipers with the Civic rotors.

    At this rate I'll be building the car for the rest of my life, instead of actually driving it. :facepalm: But then this wouldn't be a new thing.

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    well i have a update. i bought a set of screw/bleeders(secure the brakeline to the calipers) and for some reason it didn't want to screw in so i used the Dx screws(they were a bit loose), after bleeding the lines, the peddle still wasn't firm. so i research i did buy the right screws but the problem was that they have a very tight clearence and i mean tight. so i swapped the screws put in the new screws. ad then test drove it......

    OMFG! it was amazing, at first i was like it doesn't feel like anything, i asked a friend to drive with me. i started driving and there's a slight bend right before you actually pull into my drive way i did like 55 and then hammered the brakes it stop very fast without locking up the brakes, then brian goes: uh you know you got up on three wheels. i started giggling like a school girl. lol.


    Nice brake setup. I need to update my thread about what I did to my DD's brakes. I like the tire, and wheel combo. Can I get off topic and ask you how you like that size tire, on wheels as narrow as stock hondas?
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    remoer evil as evil is..

    to answer your question but i think ppl need to know i didn't just upgrade the brakes there's a lot of work i did. here my suspension work or anything that will work with my suspension

    replace every bushing with Energy bushing.
    filled in motor mounts(soon Innovation motor mounts w/95a bushing)
    Jimfab traction bar
    93 Integra 22mm hollow front swaybar
    ASR subframe brace w/22mm solid rear sway bar
    Buddy Club N+(10kg/F & 12kg/R spring rates)
    F/R Upper strut bars
    91 VW G60 Corrabo rotors
    93 Integra calipers
    Axxis brake ceramic pads
    stainless steel brake lines
    15" GS-R blades
    205/50/15 Nitto Neo Gen
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    my setup is the same brackets w/ 2 pistons legend and 294mm rotors :eek:

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