High comp z6 with 75 shot.

Discussion in 'Nitrous' started by 95z6dxcoupe, Jun 29, 2013.

  1. greasemonky89

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    There lies the problem when u take constructive criticism as being mean or offensive. You will never learn shit that way.

    A wrench in one hand and my PV in the other.
  2. 95z6dxcoupe

    95z6dxcoupe NitrousKing

    You have an odd sense of constructive criticism then, saying hey i wouldnt reccomend doin that because it wouldnt be smart is constructive criticism and "do you thinj your clever by doin this or that, brilliant" is not thats intentially being a.jackass which.beave already said he can be sometimes so we were done talking about it and this is also what im talking about as nothing to add to the op just talking about nonsense. Its funny how every forum has those people that think its ok to be a prick but when someone fires back then every forum junky under the sun has something to say then.....real helpful of you thanks.And also im fine with someone crackin jokes, i just have a low patience for people being asshats when i just was asking.
  3. toddnos

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    lets all just settle down please. this e battle has gone on long enough.
  4. burnoutboy

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    Simmer down everyone LOL.

    95z6dxcoupe I'm gonna very calmly try to explain what the others already have. We have a lot of very strong technical minds at OCO. When you're a genius you can always give great advice, you can't always come across as humble or pleasant. (I FTR am NOT a genius LOL)

    Beave asked if you thought you were being clever because of the tone of your response to his "There is no such thing as an OEM 2 layer headgasket". If you re-read his first post in your thread it was 100% informative and helpful without being overbearing. YOU came back at him with "there is when you remove the middle layer from it." (Which BTW makes it no longer OEM since it's modified and not original. )

    Beave was trying to be helpful and make sure you had what you thought you had there. You came back kinda on the defensive.

    Lets just reset everything in our heads and start fresh.

    Welcome to the board. Sorry this was my first post to you.

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