D15b/d16y8 head ecu

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  1. jcalver71

    jcalver71 New Member

    I have this motor in a 99 non vtec body and am trying to pass an etest. What computer will pass a plug in etest, I'm running a chipped p08 runs awesome just won't pass.
  2. PsykoZako

    PsykoZako Highlander status

    It's hard to say, without knowing what has been modified and what you have for smog/emission equipment.
    My best judgement says a stock P2P ECU should allow you to pass, as long as it doesnt throw any codes.
    I ran a stock P07 on my Z6 for a while, without any issues (or vtec). So, something like that MIGHT work, but P2P is proper.

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