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  1. ED6
    guess its dead here
  2. dsuperminime
    dsuperminime defrezzer
    What happen with the D16 KKK K26 turbo?
  3. f00ker
    f00ker krychek57
    Da Fuq is right!
  4. krychek57
    Da Fuq
    1. SOHCinWA
      I am not the "IT" guy so I dont know wth is going on.
      Apr 29, 2015
  5. remoer
    remoer SOHCinWA
    hey sunshine i was trying to make a post and i guess i need to be smarter than the post maker. lol. i was trying to make a exhaust post and hoping Luke(liveforphysics) could answer some questions.
    1. SOHCinWA
      idk what is going on with that. I have been trying to post for a while as well. Some of the guys were going to look at it. But I know everyone is busy.
      Apr 29, 2015
  6. Crxalence
    Always looking for knowledge....
  7. Performance Porting
  8. F22a6 eg sedan
    F22a6 eg sedan
    Nope it's like 40 minutes away around their .
  9. SOHCinWA
    SOHCinWA F22a6 eg sedan
    Puyallup isn't that far.
  10. F22a6 eg sedan
    F22a6 eg sedan
    I'm down in Everett wa
  11. Jdmboyef9
    Jdmboyef9 SOHCinWA
    New member from Washington, not so new to Hondas. Will be looking for some advice on my current D16A6 Endyn stroker project
    1. SOHCinWA
      Welcome. There is alot of good info on here.
      Dec 6, 2014
  12. SOHCinWA
    Feeling Awesome!
  13. Vg8
    Vg8 admin
    I keep getting access denied everywhere I go
  14. zookr
    zookr The_Beave
    Is the bunch @ history now , or what?
  15. Tee
    Tee jebusama
  16. Froed1983
    McLaughlin's Car & Truck Repair Center is your auto repair swampscott ma. Call or visit today.
  17. glenniz
    glenniz liveforphysics
    Hey Luke,

    How ya been man? Just wondering if you are still around, I wanted to get your opinion on some combustion chamber work I am doing. Want to make sure I am following the ideas and principles behind all of Larry's work.
  18. Sweed
    Sweed The_Beave
    Saw your post on DSO about valve stems:

    -Get the cheapest rubber ones around. A pack of four should be less than $4, even that is too much (they cost like $0.50 each...). And decent tire shop should have "heavy duty" ones that have a brass tube that runs end to end (we use them on LT tires that see 80psi, they hold up much better).

    -The tire doesn't need to be removed or reballance to change the valve stem unless the tires are really really stiff. Any decent tire shop should be able to break the bead around the face of the rim, clamp the rim, and use the pnuematic ram to hold the tire down while they change the valve stem, then re-fill the tire with air. It's literally like a two minute job on stock Honda rims/tires.
  19. salvage
    salvage 89F22sedan
    good day , my name is saleem from trinidad i am having some problems .
    i presently have a d15b single vtec engine with A P70 ECU but it does not pick up with the vtec pressure switch and the car runs dead i have a single wire o2 sensor ..... i also have a p07 ecu but i picks up a o2 error i purchased a 4 wire o2 sensor but cant figure out the wiring ... can u kindly advice me
  20. mr.edd
    mr.edd dragman99
    motherfucker this is edd.